Sunday, December 21, 2008

Isaac's Birthday

Here are a few pics from Isaac's birthday. First, we opened presents. He got some clothes, a truck and trailer with horses, money, and a new real cowboy hat. He will be getting lots more things when we go back for Christmas. After opening gifts we got ready and met the Browns' at Mc Donalds (Isaacs' choosing). Then the Browns' and us headed to the Zoo to see the Zoo Christmas lights. It was alot of fun except for the cold. We came home and had cake and ice cream and then off to bed the kiddos went. And that pretty much concludes Isaac's birthday. He chose what he wanted to do and he loved it all. Still cant believe my baby boy is "5". Until next time!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Happy Birthday!!!!

Happy 5th Birthday Isaac!!!!
I can't believe he is 5 today, boy has time flown by.

Monday, December 1, 2008

My Thanksgiving Weekend

On Wednesday night we loaded up and went down to pueblo, to Cathy and Daniel's house. We ate dinner to gether and then Cathy and I put on the turkey and goose in the oven to slow cook all night. Then we went to bed at like 1:30ish. We then got back up a little before 9am to start to prepare our Thanksgiving dinner. We began cooking and cooking and cooking. Stephen and Danielle and some of her family came to have dinner with us. We had sooooo much food. It all turned out good though and I was so thankful because it was only the second time I have prepared a Thanksgiving dinner. Then Stephen and Danielle had to leave and Cathy and I began cleaning the kitchen. After cleaning her and I looked through all the sale ads to see what all stuff they were going to have on sale. And I have to admit I was very disappointed . They didnt hardly have anything , at least nothing of interest to me.We all loaded up and went over to Keven and Michele's house to hang out and play games. We stayed with the Lewis' that night and Friday night. I didnt go to the sales but Michele and Cathy did. There was some things they really wanted to get and there wasnt really anything I wanted except a jumpdrive and Michele ended up picking one up for me, what a friend. Friday night after we put all the kids to bed, Keven, michele, dustin,and I played the Wii. We played tennis and bowling. It was needless to say verfy FUN! We went to bed around 2am. CRAZY! We got up on Saturday and hungout until that afternoon and then we got ready to go to the Christmas parade in Pueblo. After the parade, we all went to the church for a VLB get-to gether. We played games and ate. It was alot of fun also. We left there around 10pm and got home at 11pm. I then had 3 loads of laundry to do before bed so that I could pack this morning to go to the Horne's. So I got in bed around 2am last night and up at 8:30am this morning. I had to get all the packing done and I did. Then we were off to church. After church we headed out for the Horne's. Oh, I forgot to mention the unexpected snow storm that came last night. At our house we probably got at least 4 inches. We drove through alot of mainly icy roads all the way through to Raton and then it began clearing up. It did however take us an extra probably 45 minutes to get to Raton. We then stopped and went to the bathroom and all. And then on the road again, just cant wait to get on the road again, Sorry I couldnt help myself! It is now 10pm and we are still driving. We should be there around 12 or 12;30 AM. I guess thats it for tonight.