Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Arkansas Family

The Arkansas family arrived on Sept. 27. This being my parents, sister,brother in law, and my niece and nephew. They came for a week. We did lots of fun stuff and just getting to all be together meant alot. We did have spouts of sickness run thru many so we were unable to do much the first part of the week. But we made up for it in the end. Dus didnt get to do alot of stuff because he had to work because he was behind from being off 3 days the week before to help me. I took them to the mall one day and just looked around. We took them to Garden of the Gods, we went to the ZOO also. Mom, dad, April, and Tommy all went up the Cog Railway to the top of Pikes Peak. They went on seperate days though so that someone was there with me at all times. I want to go up with Dustin and I also didnt think it would such a good idea to go up that soon after the baby. And my niece and nephew both have breathing problems at times and we didnt think it would be such a good idea to take them up there either. Dad and Tommy managed to go golfing one day and I took mom andApril back to the mall. Every night we played games. We had alot of fun. My mom also shampooed my enitre houses carpets and numerous other things for me. Thanks mom!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

The Birth Story

It all started one cold, dark night in Springs. Ha! Just Kidding!
It all started on Sept. 21, 2008. It was a Sunday. It was the Sunday of our share service with Pueblo. I was MISERABLE! I was having pretty steady and pretty uncomfortable contractions all through service. Constantly having to change positions and sometimes having to get up and move around. The service ended but not the contractions. The Lewis clan headed out after service to a birthday party. The Wantuloks went to eat with us @ Pizza Hut. Bad choice when having contractions. Actually the food was good, but I was in pain and not feeling well. We came back to the house and the Wantuloks came over too. When we got here I called the midwife and she wanted to come over and checkout everything. I hope I'm not adding anything to this birth story but I was tired and sometimes not completely with it. The midwife came and I was in the beginning stages of labor, but nothing real steady. I would have 2 1/2 to 3 hours of contractions and then NOTHING! Dustin and I did lots of walking. I did squats and multiple other things to try to progress labor. I had contractions for 3 days then finally I actually started having steady, very consistent contractions. By this time I was already mentally, emotionally, and physically DONE! I was 12 days overdue, had had off and on contractions for actually about a week or so, and still no baby. Then the midwife came on Tuesday, Sept. 23, 2 or 3 times throughout the day checking me. I was staying with pretty good contractions. She then took my blood pressure and it was really high. She was worried because under the Colorado State Law she can't keep me if my blood pressure didnt come down soon. She made mention of transporting me to the hospital if it didnt get better. But that was not really an option for Dustin and I because we knew God would bring it down. We prayed and God moved. As he always does. The midwife earlier in the week had been worried about the baby was going to be over 2 weeks late and bylaw she would have to have me go and take some tests to make sure everything was ok with the baby and if it was then she could still deliver the baby. But the midwife was afraid that they would want to keep me that day and do a C-section on me because the baby was so big. The tests and c-section we didnt feel were really an option either. I knew God would take care of me and the baby. I want to say a HUGE thanks to all those that were praying for us and that called it seemed at just the right time with words andscriptures of encouragement.

Oh yeah back to the story!
On that Tuesday around 6:45pm my contractions were very hard and my midwife had checked me and I was finally at 5cm which is considered active labor. She then called her assistants to come on over and they began preparing for the delivery. I labored for a long time before getting into the labor pool. Dustin was there with me constantly, supporting me and praying for me, reading the Bible and some scriptures (thanks haley) that were given to me throughout the labor. When contractions came he held my hands and encouraged me through them. I know it probably sounds crazy but when I was holding Dustin's hands through the contractions it was alomst like he was taking some of the pain away. He probably was the poor guys hands were probably DEAD from all the squeezing. I
I did finally get into the labor pool, and the water felt great. By this time the contractions were barely 1 to 2 minutes apart. THey felt like there was no time between. Dustin got into the labor pool with me. Thanks Dus! What a guy! I finally was dilated to 10cm and was having contractions less than 1 minute apart. The midwife checked me and said the water bag was the only thing holding the baby in. So she barely pinched the bag and it popped and the babies head came down. The midwife then said anytime you feel like pushing just push. I told her I didnt feel the urge to push and no sooner than I got that out I started pushing and I never stopped pushing until the baby was out.Total start to finish pushing was 2 minutes. The midwife said, "Boy you are one pusher." I told her, "I just wanted the baby out."It is not a comfortable feeling and I wasnt going to stop pushing until the baby was out. I know I said some pretty crazy things when I was in labor. My husband has already shared that with you all. I also hit heads with Dus while in labor and rammed his glasses into his face poor guy. Wait! Poor guy nothing I was the one pushing the kid out.hehe
At 10:38pm on Sept.23,2008, our new baby girl, Lillie Grace, entered the world weighing a whopping 10lbs 5 1/2 ozs and 22 inches long. WOW what a girl! She was perfectly healthy and there were no complications. God is soooo good and faithful. I do give God the glory, honour, and praise. It was Him that I trusted in and Him that delivered. I would also like to thank my wonderful husband for all his support, encouragement, and love. He is an amazing guy. The Lord truly blessed me with a Godly head for our home. When I felt weak , he was constantly reminding me with scriptures who are strength is and where our strength comes from. I love you, Dus!
I want to say a BIG thanks to the Wantuloks, the Lewis' , and Leanndra for taking care of my kids, house, cooking , and cleaning and most of all for all the prayers for me and the baby. Thanks guys!

It was a totally different experince having a home birth. I truly enjoyed having my baby at home. Making my own decisions, and the comfort and peace that you feel. There were so many things I liked about it but mainly allowing God to have total control and the feeling of placing yourself completely in His hands. I know alot of people were a little worried but why? God is in control of our lives and He is our protector and deliverer. I praise Him! THere was pain, but God was there to strengthen and see me through. And when I would think I couldnt do it anymore, God was there. He never left me nor forsook me, but He was there with me!

And now we have our little Lillie Grace!!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Soon and very soon...

I know everyone is waiting on new pics and all thedetails from thepast couple of weeks. I am so hoping to get that all done soon. But I need to set down and write it all out so I dont leave anything out and I cant do that just yet because Thursday is my VLB service and so I have got to get my service together first. Then I will try to get to posting! Bye-Bye!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Few Pics...

Here are a few pics for ya! I have soooo much to blog about fromt the birth story to all the things we have done with all the family we have had the past 2 weeks. I am hoping to set down and get it all blogged very soon. Until then you'll justhave to enjoy the pics.