Thursday, April 30, 2009

What A Night!

Dustin is feeling right on the edge of 100%. Although last night we went to bed and all was well. At 3am I was awakened to Aleah's shrill scream. I went in her room and she was crying and said I spit up. Sure enough she and her bedding were covered. It was disgusting. So I picked her up and had to give her a bath. While I was bathing her Dustin had gotten up and was cleaning up the mess and getting the bedding put in the washer. I could hear him in the bedroom gagging, I laugh just thinking about it, it was a constant gagging. I even was gagging when I went in there. He is such a great guy to help out. Anyways we got her all cleaned up and laundry going and moved her into our room in the floor so her room could air out with the window open. After that she woke up throwing up every 30 min. to an hour. And she is still throwing up so please please pray for her. She has no other symptoms except throwing up. Thanks for the prayers!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I wanted to let everyone know that Dustin is much better and thank everyone for the prayers. He still has a little congestion but is much better. Please remember the Wantulok family they are still sick and now their little one Jacob is throwing up. It is hard on kids to be sick but really hard for babies. Thanks again for the prayers.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Prayer Please

Dustin woke up on Monday sick. He was feeling like throwing up and very weak. He slept all day. Well today he got up and went to work but he came home a little before 3. He said he was so weak and that his chest felt really heavy for alot of the day. He has been asleep since he got home. He has a fever also. Please remember him in prayer. Also please pray that the kids dont catch whatever this is. THanks!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Sorry about that..

I somehow got my pics before the blog about them and I dont have time to fix it right now so sorry. You can look at the pics and then read below about what all we did.

Too Much...

has happened that is. I have needed to blof for a while now but something keeps coming up and it gets out off further and further and then there's sooo much that you dont even know where to start. Sherrie and Mike came out over Easter weekend. We had such a great time. We took them to the Zoo and then to Palmer Park for some rock climbing. It was alot of fun except that all of us older ones are way out of shape to be doing all that climbing.LOL! The next day we all went to Denver to the Aquarium, that was neat, but too expensive for how short it is. Then we headed over to the Bass Pro Shop and looked around for a while. Then headed back to Springs. That night we dyed eggs with the kids. It was fun for the first 2 or 3 eggs then they were bored and ready to just go play so Dustin did most of the egg coloring. I dont think he minded that much. hehe! Then off to bed with the kiddos and I made up their Easter baskets. I look sooo forward to making them Easter baskets. It is something my parents did for my sister and I until we got married and I always loved it. We got up on Easter Sunday and was getting ready for church and it was snowing quiet a bit. Sherrie and Mike were going to go to church with us and then after we did the egg hunt they were going to head out,but the weather was getting worse and was suppose to get pretty bad so they headed out early.Dustin debated back and forth for a long time and then after talking to the members decided to cancel church(which is just WRONG on Easter) because the weather was suppose to be terrible within a hour or so. And we have alot of elderly people so we didnt want them to fall or anything.We already had the kids in their Easter clothes so we had did the lesson I had prepared for childrens church and sang some songs and had prayer and then we hid the eggs in the house to let the kids find them. It didnt end up getting as bad as they predicted of course, and it was all cleared up by 1pm. That was sooo agravating. Anyways I have some pics of that weekend that I will post below. After Sherrie and Mike headed home on Sunday that following Thursday was my VLB service. On Monday I began studying and never got anything. Then on Wednesday I got a migraine and still no service. I had the migraine for three days. I did get enough relief (PTL!) that I was able to get my service done on Being An Effective Witness. Then I cleaned and bought groceries over the weekend because our revival started on Monday night with Br. Sam Kaufman for our Youth Emphasis Week. It was a great revival and I sooo enjoyed having them here in our home. We had a great time with them. They are truly great people. The kids loved having them here as well. I think there were 55 different people there throughout the week. It was great! The revival lasted thru Thursday night and then we all headed to Hatch, NM for our Regional Youth Convention. It was also very good. God truly blessed and moved in our hearts. Br. Colin Shuler was the guest speaker and he did a wonderful job. There were many other great messages as well. And of course the food that they Hatch ladies prepared was oh so delicious!! They are the sweetest most giving people. We also were blessed to get to eat at the Banuelos' restuarant a couple meals YUM! Then we headed home on Sunday and now today Dustin woke up sick. Its been glumy today and kind of boring with him sick. He is just sleeping which is what you normally do when your sick. He works everyday and is not here, but I guess when he is here and you can see him laying there it makes it worse because you want to talk to him. Anyways~

I havent done school with Isaac all last week so there is alot of catching up to do. And Lillie now has 5 teeth. She got 3 this weekend totalling the 5. Well I'll go for now and give you some pic of Easter weekend and maybe others.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Finally a Post...

Its been so long since I blogged I may not have any readers any longer. Things are about the same as usual. Isaac is doing really well in school and catches on to stuff really quickly. Aleah now knows all her colors and some of her numbers and alphabet. SHe also has been potty trained now for a few weeks. Yeeeaaahhh!!! I am sooo excited about that. Tow down and one more to go. We also have a new family attending our church. THe Moore family moved here from West Virginia. THey attended one of our churches out there but her husband is in the military and they were stationed here. They have a 10 yr old daughter and she is really sweet. We are very excited to have them here. I may not be blogging for a few days of course everyone is used to that, Dustin's mom and her husband will be here Thursday evening and staying all weekend with us. We have a full weekend planned so there should be lots of pics and stuff to blog about later.

Here is Isaac and Aleah out helping shovel/playing in the snow the other day. They were having a blast. Dustin was shoveling the snow and then throwing it on them. It is sooooo hard to get any pics of these two anymore. They run when the camera comes out.

Here's Miss Lillie's new accomplishments: Two teeth and sitting up alone. She has actually had the two teeth for a week or so as well as setting up. I just now am getting around to blogging it. If you enlarge the pics you can see the tow teeth.She weighs around 16lbs. Soon that wont be something to talk about. LOL!