Monday, May 4, 2009


Aleah is feeling great and we had went the whole weekend basically with no sickness until last night that is. Isaac woke us up last night around 1:30 am throwing up. And has been doing so all night. He has finally slowed down a little and is resting. So it was yet another long night. And Lillie threw up last night as well but Im not sure hers isnt her teeth. She is cutting her top teeth. So please say a prayer for them and that I wont get it. It is hard to take care of little ones when you yourself are sick. ALso this weekend is District Convention and then we start revival Monday night. I really want us all to be well.
Had a great weekend. Friday night was Keven and Michele's 16th Anniversary so Cathy and I volunteered to keep their 4 kids over night so they could go out for the night. Keven had made reservations at a hotel here in Springs and made dinner reservations at a nice restaurant. So they dropped their kids off at 2:30 on Friday and left for their big date. All of this was a surprise to Michele. Then Cathy and Daniel came up when he got off work. We grilled brats & hot dogs and just hung out. It was alot of fun and the kids enjoyed playing together. Then on Saturday we just hung out too. Keven & Michele came and got their kids and went home because they had plans for that night already, but Daniel & Cathy stayed and we made chinese food and they guys hung out and Cathy and I watched "One Night With The King." It was a good movie. It is about the story of Esther. They ended up staying the night again and left that morning when we left for church so they could go to their church. We had alot of fun. Oh we also managed to get a few games of Sequence in too! Church on Sunday was really good. Dustin's message was really good too. We came home ate lunch, took nap, went to buy groceries and then came home and grilled steaks. YUM! THat pretty much sums up the weekend.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Thanks Once Again

I wanted to give an update on Aleah. She slept all night with no throwing up. PTL! She seems to be doing really good to day also. She has been up playing and acting normal so far today. THanks for the prayers.