Thursday, January 29, 2009

I found this picture that I took while in Arkansas for Christmas. This is my papa and Lillie. I have one of these pics with the other two kids too when they were this age. Great Memories! Just thought I would share. I love this guy!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Well, its been a long time. I have been so busy and have had so much to blog about but since it has been so long I decided to just give you some pics and just tell you a little bit about what we've been up too! We went back to Oklahoma and Arkansas for Christmas and New years. We had a great trip getting to see everybody. The kids were so excited about seeing everyone. Then there was Mens Retreat which allowed a Girl Party to take place which you have already heard about on Becki's blog, so no need to go into details. Lots of fun, lets just say that! Then this past weekend Cathy and Daniel and their boys came over and stayed and we played games with the Browns. We all had so much fun. On Sunday was our shared service with Pueblo. Br. Keven preached a great message. i really enjoy hearing him preach. Great service! Then afterwards the Wantuloks and Lewis' came over and we ordered pizzas and played more games until around 10pm. The plan was to leave around 8:30 or 9, but you know things never go as planned. Which was great by me because I love having them all over. And now for the past two days I have been cleaning house and mainly working on laundry. I have laundry now done and have to start on my mound of ironing. YUCK! I hate ironing. Anyways! Some info about the kids! Lets see here:
Isaac is growing up sooo fast. I cant believe he is 5! He likes to play with his army guys, play cowboys, and torcher his sister. You know normal boy stuff. His is very smart. He has also been listening and telling me all about different Bible stories he knows that he has learned about. Him and Aleah play church and he preaches sometimes.
Aleah also loves to play church. Her favorite part is singing. That girl does nothing but sing all the time. Which is great because it makes you smile and I guess shows the joy down in her heart. Especially because its always church songs that she is singing. Isaac also likes to sing! She also gets great joy in torchering her brother. That girl is soooo onery. And likes to get in to EVERYTHING!!!
Lillie is getting sooo big! She is a very happy baby and laughes and smiles all the time.She laughs out loud all the time. She started rolling over Jan. 2 while we was still in Oklahoma. She had just turned 3 months old. It suprised me because the other two were around 5 months. She has also started eating cereal. She is a big girl with a big appetite. She reaches out for toys and things too. And I have to tell ya her favorite person is her daddy. He can walk in the room or if she hears his voice she starts searching for him. And just smiles when she finds him. Well I guess thats it for today!
Miss Lillie eating cereal and a picture showing her with her favorite person, Her Daddy!

This is a 5 generation pic of Dustin's side of the family.

Aleah and Lillie with their nana! These are some cute pics. Isaac wouldnt let us take any pics of him. Hince why there are none!

Aleah with some major static! I loved these pics.